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Looking to capture striking footage?
How about considering a perspective from above.

Getting the camera off the ground can raise the bar when it comes to images. But there’s more to getting great shots than buying a drone. Having the right gear for the light and conditions makes all the difference when it comes to capturing aerial footage. Knowing when and where it’s legal to fly is a must, and putting skilled hands at the controls helps ensure great results.

At Banik, we have all that. And more.

Using a drone, we’re able to capture video footage and still images from an unparalleled perspective. Banik is Part 107 certified by the FAA—a fancy way of saying we’re licensed to fly commercially. It’s a must for capturing aerial footage, safely and legally, on behalf of our clients.

Matching the technical skills of our trained staff with their artistic eye, Banik aims to deliver beautiful and engaging imagery whether from the air or below.

Drone Services:

  • Aerial still photography
  • Aerial videography
  • Editing