The Heart of Montana

For the past 17 years we’ve produced the annual Central Montana (formerly Russell Country) travel planner. The planner is one of Central Montana’s chief marketing tools, and every year we strive to present new aspects of the region, while respecting its core value as an authentic, unspoiled western adventure destination. Living in Montana makes part of our job easier; we receive gorgeous photos of the region to show off everything it has to offer.

Nevertheless, we’re challenged yearly to up the ante and produce a great-looking piece with useful information for potential and returning visitors. It’s a balancing act requiring us to represent the entire region, not just the well known attractions; to work with a diverse and opinionated board of directors who help us shape each year’s planner; and to incorporate a huge amount of information, photography, maps, advertising, and reference information into an attractive and easy-to-use publication.


In 2013, Central Montana debuted its new name, having operated as “Russell Country” for many years. The renaming was part of an initiative to reduce confusion about where the region is and what it includes. Banik designed the new logo for Central Montana as part of its rebranding effort. The streamlined, modern type is designed to state the name simply and clearly while also integrating more closely with Montana’s statewide branding materials and campaigns. The simplicity of the mark and our redesign of the travel planner layout place greater emphasis on photography, letting images tell the story.


Editing Photos for Central Montana

Each year we review thousands of images from area photographers in order to find the very best photography to showcase all the great stuff there is to see in Central Montana. It’s one of our favorite jobs, but it’s a tough one—with so much amazing scenery it’s hard to settle on the few that find their way into the planner.

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