Code for the Road

Rewriting the rules for safe driving in North Dakota

North Dakota has a problem.

A large network of highways spread over a vast geographic area, long winters with bad driving conditions, and an independent-minded populace all combine to make changing attitudes on risky driving behaviors difficult at best.

“Some of our deadliest crashes are in rural counties where road departure roll-overs result in ejection of the vehicle occupants. Because pickups are more likely to roll, the failure to wear seat belts adds to the fatalities,” comments NDDOT Interim Safety Director, Karin Mongeon.

The Challenge
But changing those attitudes isn’t optional. Which is why the North Dakota Department of Transportation asked us to help.

“We were looking for a message that empowers people to do the right thing and save their own lives,” says Mongeon. “We can’t tell people what to do, but we can inform them in the hope they will make the right choices for themselves and for others.”

Our Solution
Automobiles are extensions of our personalities—the kind of car or truck we drive says a lot about us, and we spend a great deal of time in them. They matter to us. And even when people aren’t following the letter of the law, as individuals we all have our own rules of the road—our own code. So we tied people’s personal passions for their cars to the drive to stay alive. We call it “Code for the Road.”

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