Embarking On a Strengthened Brand

When we recently began working with Embark Credit Union of Great Falls, Montana, we already had some great things to work with. Having already undergone a name and identity change, Embark had developed a new image to embrace a broader audience to add to its existing base. Our challenge was to put the new image to work, speaking to all of those customers in an engaging and straightforward way.

As a credit union, Embark doesn’t have customers; it has a membership. And as a small, local institution, Embark serves its members by being responsive to them and to the community. Its brand presence needed to express the importance Embark places on progressive, responsible financial management while retaining the friendly and open personality that sets it apart from multinational banks who can’t possibly know all their customers.

Our solution involves, well, involving the brand. Embark’s new mark, a paper airplane in flight, evokes the brand’s name and a sense of possibility: taking flight, getting from where you are to where you want to be, reaching your financial goals in the near term and far into the future.

Our campaign direction uses the Embark mark as the vehicle for reaching these goals, connecting the credit union’s users to the homes, cars, college educations or trips they’re working toward. Embark’s mark suggests opportunity and even a sense of play, perfect for speaking to the next generation of homeowners, investors and buusinesspeople.

The Work on the Web

Using Embark’s energetic color palette, inviting photography, and simple, engaging copy, each print, web and social media execution states the case for working with Embark to achieve desired financial milestones. Seasonal campaigns are coordinated with Embark’s web site, digital signboards and electronic and print lobby displays to present a unified message to existing and new customers. Visit Embark’s web site.

Frequently updated campaigns retain consistency from month to month, while embracing specific financial products: auto loans, home mortgages, college planning, and so on.

Extending the Message

Reinforcing the brand image in other media extends its reach, and helps a small, local financial institution match the polish and professionalism you’d expect from much larger banks.

Adapting content for community service and philanthropic efforts also reinforces Embark’s commitment as a credit union to being a resource for its members and the place they live in.

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