Fibre House

When a pair of go-getting entrepreneurs decided to purchase a beloved local yarn store, they knew they had to proceed with care. The business had build a loyal customer base over 25 years and the new owners wanted to honor their predecessor’s hard work and tradition of service.

But they also wanted to bring their own ideas to the table, starting with a new name and a more contemporary image. So they asked Banik to help put a 21st-century face on a business providing traditional, but timeless, products and knowledge.

Fibre House Logo

Their new name, Fibre House, suggested some strong visual possibilities which we explored as we worked to design a new logo. Working in close collaboration with the client, Banik worked through several designs which resulted in the final mark. The birdhouse shape crafted out with needles quietly suggests craftsmanship, weaving, and a sense of home. The final mark is concise, modern, and inviting.

When your business is all about hand-crafted works of art your business card can’t be boring.

We love working with local businesses. And as artists themselves, the girls of Fibre House didn’t drop a stitch when we suggested working with a local company to build a one-of-a-kind sign for the shop. Made of plate steel and richly textured wood the sign was the perfect fit to make the new brand shine.

It’s easier to show what great fibers and fiber art tools look like than it is to talk about them. So we let our lenses do the talking with a custom photo shoot to showcase Fibre House’s offerings. The images can be used for years to come in the business’ social media feeds and web presence—working to illustrate what makes the shop so great. The pictures are so captivating you can almost feel the possibilities Fibre House brings with their knowledge and high-quality products.

A new, custom designed website allows the girls to showcase so much more than their products. But the addition of Banik’s custom photography of many of their products draws visitors in to see for themselves all Fibre House has to offer. The website is simple and refined, drawing attention to all the details that make this store so much more than a supply house. Fibre House is a place of community–a place at the table (literally). The website details their classes, events, and knitting cartels which together promote the rich culture and community of fiber arts.

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