Fighting Fire with Film

Farmers State Bank is a locally owned institution with branches the length of the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana. Many of Farmers State Bank’s customers live here because they’re drawn to the valley’s beauty and connection to the natural world. The bank is committed to supporting its community, to the degree that it gives employees time off from work to participate in non-profit work in the valley. It’s one of many reasons Farmers competes successfully against nationwide banks; its customers know the people at their bank because they see them in the community every day.

One risk of living in a forested Montana valley is the ever-present threat of forest fires. When a dangerously dry summer led to devastating fires in the region, Farmers responded with support for fire crews and families affected by the fire. They also wanted to add a message of solidarity and hope. We helped them create a TV spot that had nothing to sell and no product to tout. The bank and the people of the valley had survived similar trials in their 100-year history; the spot reinforced that this time would be no different.

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