Gas Station Takeover #1

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not only illegal, but irresponsible and dangerous. It may seem like a simple choice to stay sober, but thousands of alcohol-related crashes occur across the United States each year. This is a battle many states face and North Dakota was no different.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation’s Impaired Driving program had several important objectives: reduce roadway fatalities as a result of impaired driving, increase the perception of risk of citation and arrest during high visibility enforcement periods and reduce the three-year average of traffic fatalities to 100 or fewer by 2020. One way Banik worked to reach these objectives was through point-of-sale advertising efforts.



In an attempt to reach the identified target audience (males, ages 18 to 34) at the opportune moment when they may be purchasing gas, ice and possibly alcohol beverages Banik used North Dakota convenience stores to deliver a warning about increased law enforcement patrols for impaired drivers. Placement during the summer months, included ice machine wraps, gas pump toppers, gas pump handles and indoor beer cooler clings.

After an intense brainstorming session, Banik’s creative team came up with a very unique and challenging concept: ‘Don’t wind up in the cooler’. Custom photographs were taken after finding talent who represented the campaign’s audience of males between the ages of 18 and 34. Then the photoshopping began. Work was done to make the man depicted on the ice machines look very cold, further reinforcing the campaign message of being put in the ‘cooler’. Our designers created their own area templates for the ice machine structures which accounted for the design and structural components of each size of machine.



The process was mathematically challenging and required intricate deconstruction. The long task of figuring out how to cut the ice boxes up into bricks, making sure the bricks on the slanted face lined up with the straight sides as the structure angled backwards was long and painstaking. We believe this attention to detail and desire for the perfect design perspective gave this environmental marketing campaign the tailoring it needed to be realistic and relevant to those we were trying to reach. Our design team at Banik specializes in work like this.



The result was the creation of a custom design specifically created for each size of ice box — two door and single door.



Other areas the gas station were also branded with the campaign message. Having campaign materials at several touch-points in each gas station ensured that the target audience encountered the message wherever they looked. This included cooler clings inside the gas stations and filler boards on the back of the gas pump handle — putting the message right in the audience’s hands.



This included cooler clings inside the gas stations and filler boards on the back of the gas pump handle — putting the message right in the audience’s hands.



The attention to detail in these creative elements paid off, resulting in a memorable and recallable campaign. Our client was extremely satisfied with the result of this very unique and effective traffic safety campaign.

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