A Degree of Approachability

When Great Falls College-MSU asked us to be part of a group dedicated to promoting the campus to new and lapsed students, we jumped at the opportunity. The college helps train future members of the workforce in the area, and it’s a great place to learn with a great campus. But retaining and recruiting students is a challenge—and not only for economic reasons. Another barrier to getting potential students to enroll is their their own concern that they’re cut out for college.

But a college degree is in reach of most people, and our approach aimed to reassure applicants by showing real students from the community who are doing it now. Beginning with a representative student on the threshold of beginning his college education, the spot highlights multiple courses of study in order to get future students thinking about a field they can envision themselves succeeding at. The spot ends where it began, with another new student being reassured by a member of the GFC-MSU faculty—who was also the student at the beginning of the spot.

The students in the spot are real GFC-MSU students being shown pursuing their actual fields of study. The student-turned-faculty member really is a graduate of the school who now teaches there. So the premise of the spot is credible—people from our community are finding they can learn and grow at the college, putting their educations to work in meaningful careers.

View the Great Falls College MSU “I Got This” spot