We Help Grow the Brands That Grow

Agriculture is Montana’s biggest business. It’s a way of life which supports families and communities throughout Montana and the country, and making things grow also helps our economy grow.

At Banik we’re helping a number of ag businesses grow as well. Our work for the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee, the National Barley Growers Association, the Montana Agricultural Business Association, and others has helped these groups grow and reach their audiences within Montana, nationwide, and internationally.

We’ve helped John Deere implement dealers plant seeds with their customers about new equipment, and we’ve worked with General Mills to spread the word about new varieties of grain. And just as farming technology has advanced greatly, so has the technology we use to help our clients reach their goals.

Going With the Grain

Our branding for the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee emphasizes why Montana wheat and barley is so good. Trying to reach audiences here and abroad, our efforts use rich, inviting photography and evocative copy to link the mystique of Montana’s landscape to the quality and purity of its crops. Banik helped the Committee put the state’s best qualities forward in a relatable and recallable way.

See more of our work for the MWBC here.

Implementing a Strong Brand

Moodie Implement, a Montana-based network of John Deere implement dealers, approached Banik to help reposition and unify their corporate communication efforts. We helped them speak more effectively through a step-by-step overhaul of the brand, beginning with their visual identity. Our solution was to create a logo which echoed John Deere’s “shield” motif and green color palette, while retaining a look unique to Moodie and emphasizing the company’s long history in Montana. From there we revised all of Moodie’s corporate communications for print, web, and trade show graphics—including a toy UTV blown up to human size.

Click here to see how we put Moodie’s products in its customers’ hands.

Building An Identity for Identity Preserved

When General Mills launched a new venture, the Specialty Product division, was developed to promote its proprietary wheat seed hybrids, especially hard white wheat. The mills had a demand for higher protein white wheat flour, especially in Asian markets, and also for food products processed and marketed through General Mills in the U.S.

At the time, a major shift was underway in the market, and the new product division was not well known in Montana. Even farmers who were aware of it didn’t know the compelling reasons to adopt the new seed line. The program required the new line only be sold back to General Mills, under rigorous quality standards for harvest. Additionally, Montana farmers reliant on hard reds had to be convinced of the genetic advantages of the new hard whites. And if that weren’t enough of a challenge, ongoing drought conditions made farmers reluctant to change up in operations.

Banik’s research suggested that the solution include having farmers talk to farmers. With this in mind, we helped General Mills get information to influential growers and early adopters of identity-preserved wheat, so that they could speak in an informed manner to their neighbors. Our efforts included a modified General Mills logo specific to its identity-preserved products, a corporate identity package, a dedicated sales kit with an informational brochure, fact sheets, price sheets, event display banners, feature articles for ag publications, radio and newspaper ads for rural markets, and a direct mail campaign using testimonials from farmers who had experienced high yields and profits with the new seed.

Helping Montana Agribusiness Do Business

The Montana Agricultural Business Association, MABA for short, was founded to support beneficial and responsible legislation for Montana’s farmers and ranchers, promote a culture of safety, provide networking opportunities among its members, and communicate with the public in a responsive manner about agribusiness.

We helped advance MABA’s mission by revising its brand and web presence. When we began work, the organization’s web site was dated and not functional enough to meet its growing needs. Banik built a new site from the ground up which reorganized existing content and added new, more dynamic content to better communicate to MABA’s members and key audiences. We also updated the group’s logo to streamline it for use on the new site and other communications. We also integrated MABA’s social media presence more tightly with the new site, and created companion trade show displays and materials to improve visibility at meetings and conferences.