Let’s Wrap It Up

Banik was tasked with creating a concept for a bus wrap to spread the word about North Valley Hospital’s diagnostic image services. The bus, often used by the public to travel to and from the hospital, is a convenient means of accessing health care, just as North Valley’s imaging services are. So we decided to combine the message into the bus wrap.



After taking precise measurements of the bus, we designed the bus wrap to look like the results of diagnostic imagery, in the form of an x-ray of the entire bus itself. Meticulously replicating every seam, weld, rivet, and strut, the x-ray image also included images of passengers themselves as seen in x-ray. Seen at an angle from the side, the bus looked like an object which had undergone a three-dimensional x-ray.



Accompanied by minimal copy, which placed the visuals into context, the bus wrap provided a compelling demonstration of the hospital’s capabilities. This message delivery concept positioned North Valley as a leader in embracing new technology, despite its relatively small size.