Montana Wheat and Barley Committee



The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee represents Big Sky Country’s grain producers in U.S. and international markets. In doing so, the Committee works with trade associations in Central and South America, Asia and elsewhere. As part of fulfilling its mission to promote research, marketing and education for the benefit of Big Sky grain producers, the Committee also hosts frequent trade delegations from various trade regions. During these visits, Committee staff lead buyers into the field to see how Montanans grows and harvests our valuable commodities.



The Committee needed its educational materials, marketing products and web presence to be as beautiful and captivating as Montana itself. Banik identified several areas in which the organization could improve their outreach and marketing efforts. The most important task Banik identified was the development of a new, contemporary identity—one that could be carried throughout visuals and content. The Committee’s made up of energetic, personable people who advocate passionately for Montana’s wheat and barley growers, and we knew their brand needed to do the same.



The new branding Banik developed for the Committee incorporated elements which make Montana wheat and barley so good, capitalizing on the landscape where it’s grown and the integrity and passion of the people who grow it. Using rich, inviting photographic elements and detailed textures, paired with evocative copy linking the specifics of Montana’s landscape to the quality of its crops, Banik helped the Committee put the state’s best qualities forward in a relatable way.



This branding solution was carried forward in the Committee’s new website design while remaining in compliance with the State of Montana’s requirements for web coding standards. Using the visual language of the print materials, the new site presents the committee’s work in a livelier way with logical organization and easy-to-navigate content. Another priority for Banik was making sure the new site was easy for Committee staff to update.

In order to stay current and relevant for producers using the site in Montana, as well as the trade teams using the site from afar, the Committee can now add or update content on its own using the site’s content management system. The site also includes built-in integration with the Committee’s social media accounts, guaranteeing that there’s always fresh content on the site.



As part of creating professional, engaging content for the Committee, Banik conducted a comprehensive photo shoot to build a new library of images to illustrate the beauty of Montana and the quality of its grains. We photographed representative Montana landscapes, producers working and harvesting, and visits from trade delegations from Korea and Colombia. The new images appear in the main headers for the Committee’s website, in its social media streams, and ads and will provide a valuable future resource as the Committee celebrates 50 years of success.



Ongoing work with the Committee continues as we further integrate the new brand elements and images into all of its outreach and marketing materials. Banik works hard to ensure each effort launched is cohesive, and representative of the brand, making sure messages resonate with Montanans, other U.S. producers and foreign trade teams.


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