Implementing a Brand that Grows with the Land

Moodie Implement, a Montana-based network of John Deere implement dealers, has been providing superior sales and service to its farm and ranch customers since 1932, but its marketing efforts hadn’t kept pace. Moodie approached Banik to help reposition and unify its corporate communication efforts, and we’ve helped them speak more effectively to their customers by creating a step-by-step overhaul of the brand.

Portfolio_0116_MI-Logos Our first order of business was addressing Moodie’s logo and visual identity. We wanted to find a way to express the company’s commitment to John Deere equipment, as well as its impressive history as one of the oldest dealers in the state. Our design addressed both goals: by designing a mark which complemented John Deere’s “shield” motif and using a green color palette, our new mark for Moodie links it firmly to John Deere quality, and by proudly incorporating the company’s birthday in the mark we’ve stressed Moodie’s lengthy history.

Portfolio_0125_MI-Furrow1of2 We’ve produced several years’ worth of four-page ads for Furrow, John Deere’s corporate publication. Each issue’s ad features one or more John Deere products offered by Moodie, and opens with an image ad which talks about some aspect of Moodie’s service, philosophy, or history.

Portfolio_0126_MI-Furrow2of2 The Furrow ads feature products ahead of seasonal buying needs, and combine engaging photography and copy with key product information.

Portfolio_0127_MI-Furrow(2)1of2 Center spreads are the main event of each Furrow ad, showcasing the best new stuff offered by Moodie.

Portfolio_0128_MI-Furrow(2)2of2 Moodie’s image ads for Furrow often focus on the company’s heritage, drawing from its archive of historic photos to tell more of the Moodie story.

Portfolio_0129_MI-HiSchoolAd We also create a variety of print ads for other publications, including local newspapers and regional magazines. These include product ads as well as sponsorships for community events and programs.

Portfolio_0130_MI-sampleAds1 Monthly featured products appear in print ads for publications near Moodie dealerships statewide.

Portfolio_0119_MWE-WindBrochure You don’t get to be an 80-year-old company without staying with the times, and Moodie is no exception. Their Moodie Wind Energy division is expanding the company’s reach by offering wind-generation solutions for new and existing customers. Our capabilities brochure uses an unusual shape to introduce the brand and visually hint at the content within.

Portfolio_0117_MWE-Logos The Moodie Wind Energy logo builds on our original design for Moodie Implement’s identity system, and visually expresses the division’s purpose and scope. The illustrated components of the mark strike an appropriate tone for an alternative energy company—one that many people wouldn’t immediately associate with a farm implement dealer.

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