Getting Lucky

How we launched the Montana Lottery’s “Montana Millionaire” game.

The Montana Lottery’s new “Montana Millionaire” game brought a new idea to its lineup of games—a raffle. The game would sell a finite number of tickets, and one of those tickets would be worth one million dollars.

Our campaign for the new game needed to accomplish two goals: interest players in the game and describe the game’s core concept. In addition, the campaign needed to feel like Montana to distinguish it from out-of-state lottery offerings. Our solution—executed in TV, radio, print, outdoor, and web—combined all of these goals by showing the effect that winning the game would have on a typical Montanan. The distinctly Montanan lifestyle suggests a distinctly Montanan response: the trappings of wealth doesn’t change who we are.

The campaign—and the game—proved a big success. The entire run of Montana Millionaire tickets sold out before the end-of-year drawing, realizing the maximum profit potential for the Lottery and the programs it funds.

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