Nurturing the Brand

Hospitals often have the problem of appearing giant, monolithic and impersonal. It’s a problem North Valley Hospital in Whitefish, Montana definitely doesn’t have. A small, personal community hospital, North Valley nevertheless provides world-class care. By being forward-thinking, investing in a new facility and top-notch personnel, and embracing the holistic Planetree® philosophy, North Valley had grown into a hospital as good as you’ll find anywhere. But its brand hadn’t grown with it.

Our rebranding Portfolio_0103_NVH-AnnivsLogoeffort centered around North Valley’s emphasis on complete care—treating each patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as part of a larger whole. We moved away from the clinical look and feel used by others and instead focused on imagery drawn from North Valley’s new facility and its natural surroundings. Warmth, comfort, renewal and growth became the central themes of North Valley’s brand.

Emphasis on people and place comes before technology and services, but each plays its part. North Valley is less interested in competing with other hospitals than in fighting illness and injury. Our marketing efforts show what North Valley does well and why it benefits its patients. The best facilities and equipment are important to providing great care, but they only do their work in the hands of North Valley’s superb doctors and staff.


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