Putting Sky Back Into the Big Sky

Sky Federal Credit Union, serving southwest Montana for more than 80 years, came to Banik with a challenge. They’d been using a marketing firm from out of state, and none of the work looked like Montana. Sky serves an economically booming region of the state, and needed to speak to Montanans in a relatable way while differentiating itself as a credit union rather than a bank.





Our rebranding efforts for Sky began with an audit of existing marketing materials. Our first task was to create brand consistency across all marketing efforts while touting Sky’s services in an undeniably Montana way. We knew that if Sky’s members perceived that messages were tailored for them, relating to the lives and businesses they managed, they’d be more apt to seek out banking services there.



Re-introducing the credit union to new and existing customers while speaking plainly about why it’s structured the way it is allowed our rebranding process to present Sky as personable, forthright and approachable. By using elements from the natural world—warm woodgrain, water textures, and so on—we placed Sky’s branding firmly within Big Sky Country.



Our solution made Sky more relatable to its members by speaking the language of Montanans. Not every resident is into rodeo or fly fishing, but we all understand their appeal. They’re undeniably part of Montana’s lifestyle, and they also provide apt metaphors for Sky’s relationship with its members, speaking about the value of good neighbors, mentorship, hard work and honesty. The work helps Sky claim, with absolute credibility, that it knows and understands its members because its staff and leadership are members too—living and working in the same place as the people they serve every day.



Our rebranding efforts have now been incorporated into many of the credit union’s routine member communication materials such as counter mats at teller stations, quarterly newsletters, the membership annual report, and monthly statement messages.



In the time we’ve worked with Sky Federal Credit Union, we’ve helped to re-position their image into one which is undeniably Montana- and member-based, and for all the right reasons. The hometown approach the credit union delivers and the individuality as well as the lack of pretension that Montanans value all contribute to the strengths of Sky. We’ve worked diligently to represent those qualities in our work.

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