Randi Szabo | Director of Public Relations/Research

What Randi does: Audience identification and segmentation; integrated communications and message strategies. Public relations and publicity planning and opportunities. Crisis communications management.

Randi has spent the past 33 years immersed in every aspect of advertising and public relations—from design, copywriting, account management and sales to production manager, strategist, research expert and public relations professional.

Randi has more than 15 years experience in market research strategies and coordinating successful research methodologies including phone surveys, intercept interviews, secret shopper, online surveys, online panels and focus groups. She has developed business-to-business, consumer and employee research tools for Banik clients.

Randi uses audience and market analysis to develop innovative communications strategies. She has special expertise in targeting hard-to-reach audiences and integrating grassroots outreach with tactical media. Her breadth of experience includes communications audits and consulting.

Randi has developed media campaign launch strategies for numerous clients, including the Montana Department of Transportation, the Montana Department of Agriculture, the North Dakota Department of Transportation, Montana Cardiovascular Health Program, St. Peter’s Hospital, Yellowstone Airport, and Nelcon Construction.

Randi received her BA in Communications/Speech/Education at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington. She teaches public relations as an adjunct instructor at the University of 
Great Falls.

A Great Falls native, Randi lived in Washington and California before coming back home to enjoy the quality of life and outdoor recreation that Montana holds. She travels often with her husband to compete in duplicate bridge tournaments—and never misses an opportunity to prowl thrift stores and art galleries.

Research/Public Relations Culture, Staff