Being the Brand

For the American Red Cross, the medium is the message.

The American Red Cross of Montana asked us to help them win key donors to support their work. When people hear the name “Red Cross,” they usually think of blood donation. But that’s only a small part of a much larger mission—a mission which includes disaster relief, safety and first aid training, and support for armed forces personnel.

Our solution? A unified piece with separate components explaining each facet of the Red Cross mission, enabling Red Cross personnel to tailor each presentation to the interests of individual donors. By using a restrained color palette and bold, tightly cropped images of everyday people we put the focus on the piece’s content in a straightforward way that looked professional without looking expensive.

Best of all? The piece embodies the Red Cross brand in the most visual way possible—by literally becoming the Red Cross logo—and that’s being the brand.

American Red Cross of Montana Creed, Pixels, Work