Stefanie Brown | Account Manager/Social Media Manager

Responsibility: Day-to-day account management and client contact; strategic planning and campaign message development. Audience testing and user data analysis. Integration of health communication theory and best practices. Health literacy evaluation. Overall project management and oversight of project budget and timelines.

Stefanie brings nine years of experience in the communication and marketing industry to the Banik team. Stefanie’s main mission as an account manager is to assist the client and guide all campaign strategies and development. Stefanie’s role includes research, strategic planning, message development, audience testing, and evaluation of campaign measures. From start to finish, Stefanie oversees her client’s projects to ensure deadlines are met and budgets are followed. Stefanie’s ultimate goal is to ensure clients’ needs are met and exceeded by using efficient and strategic, evidence-based health communication and marketing approaches. 

Stefanie’s strong communications background, with an emphasis on behavior change and user research, brings a desirable skill set to the Banik team. She offers her clients her extensive expertise in health literacy, tailored messaging and evaluation. Her knowledge of behavior change theory and health literacy strategies allow Stefanie to strategically move health education and behavior change campaigns from paper to implementation for each targeted audience. Stefanie is detail-driven and helps execute planning activities for many of our clients. 

Stefanie currently manages accounts in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, and public safety. Along with overall account management responsibilities, Stefanie also assists in research efforts, with an emphasis on usability website testing and message testing, specializing in focus group moderation. Stefanie manages all social media efforts for our current clients, including content development and interactive engagement campaign development.

 Before joining us Stefanie built an impressive career in various aspects of public health and safety, beginning at the Massachusetts Department of Public Heath where she developed marketing campaigns designed to protect the state’s elderly population. Stefanie then spent six years with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she created health marketing campaigns,  worked on health literacy issues, coordinated press relations efforts and conducted audience research on a variety of occupational health and safety measures. Stefanie spent six years working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a Health Communication Specialist for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). She worked with industrial hygienists, engineers, and physicians to design behavior change campaigns around worker safety and health for businesses in every industry. Stefanie also participated in several national emergency response activities as a lead public information officer. The training and real-world experiences she gained while at the CDC give Stefanie a wide-range of skills, allowing her to bring a unique set of skills to our clients. Her knowledge and experience in theoretical analysis, usability testing, crisis communication, risk management and interpersonal communication expertise combine to make Stefanie a well-rounded team member.

Stefanie earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Carroll College in Helena, Montana and continued her education in a collaborative graduate studies program at Emerson College and Tufts Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Health Communication, with an emphasis in Crisis Communication. 

Stefanie grew up in rural Montana, spending much of her time at her family’s ranch. Outside of the office, Stefanie enjoys cooking, gardening, and photography. Her weekends are most often spent in the outdoors with her husband and two children—hiking, biking, fly fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and camping.



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