University of Providence

Changing the name of an organization is a daunting task. Changing the name of your community’s historic university is an even bigger challenge. When the University of Great Falls approached us about plans to rename the institution, they asked us to help communicate the reasons why.

Direct Mailer

Signature Montana Ad

University of Providence, as it’s now proudly known, is a private Catholic university serving not only Great Falls but students nationwide and internationally. With a new logo and branding scheme in hand, we developed a simple campaign theme: New name. Bolder vision. Paired with visuals that promise both a quality education and a rich student experience in Montana, the campaign challenged prospective students to UP their game, and reach higher.

Our rebranding direct mail served as an invite for alumni, community members and students to attend the formal renaming ceremony by teasing the new name without spilling the beans.

Newspaper Ad

Newspaper Ad

Print and online ads created for seasonal placement used active language to issue a challenge while highlighting the cultural and recreational advantages of the university’s location.

Campaign elements also underlined the university’s Catholic underpinnings for students interested in a higher calling as well as a higher education.

Stay tuned for new marketing elements to find out what’s coming UP.

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