We’ll Drink to That!

When two sister-in-laws came to Banik asking for our help in sharing their passion for wine, we didn’t hesitate to answer the happy hour call. Helping Stacy and Linda celebrate their feminine bond through wine with other glamorous women and grandmas, Glamma’s, if you will, is a labor of love for both Banik and the two best friends.



Glamma Wine took shape after the sister-in-law duo reflected on their 35 year friendship. The support they gave each other during times of personal triumphs, joy and sorrow were sewn together with one common thread – they were shared over a glass of wine. They decided to highlight the bond by turning their dream of having their own wine brand into a reality.



Wine from an exclusive winery, Solana Cellars in Paso Robles, California fills the Glamma bottles with small-lot fermentation and long-term barrel-aged wine. Stacy and Linda came to Banik requesting help in maintaining their website through the creation of custom slide images, backend updates and other tailored content. Adding to their web presence, Banik also assists with their social media presences, designing custom elements. Their main goals? Sell great wine, drink great wine and turn the stereotype of grandmas in cardigans on it’s side.



After getting to know the ladies, their strong desire to help other women celebrate life and learning exactly what a “glamma” personality entails, Banik suggested a custom photoshoot to help capture the multifaceted brand identity. The photoshoot worked to emphasize the Glamma Wine lifestyle by a capturing gorgeous photos of the bottles themselves. With these photos we’re able to speak clearly to their target audience, enticing them to bring great wine to any celebration while being the life of the party.



With four different wines to feature, the possibilities for creativity are endless. The often cheeky slide images featured on their web page exemplify the fun and passion Glamma Wine’s invokes while showcasing the many different occasions which would welcome a bottle or two. Banik works hard to visually captivate audiences by tailoring all copy and images in a true “glamma” style ensuring continuity throughout their brand identity.

Celebrating life and the women we love has never looked or tasted so good —we’ll drink to that!