You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Sandbox.

For the Annual MAGIE (Montana Agriculture and Industrial Expo) show in 2013, Moodie Implement, a John Deere implement dealer with multiple locations throughout Montana, had a few objectives for their expo booth:

  • Objective #1: Make Moodie’s booth the most visited and talked about exhibit.
  • Objective #2: Launch a Facebook page and get people talking about Moodie.
  • Objective #3: Gather email addresses to build a database for email blasts on sales, events and agriculture research.
  • Objective #4: Let people know where Moodie is located.
  • Objective #5: Build awareness of Moodie’s community involvement.

Banik rose to the challenge. Our idea was to take John Deere’s most iconic item, their toys, and bring one to life. The concept was the perfect fit as Moodie wanted to showcase a John Deere Gator in their booth.



We designed the frame for the life size toy box and contracted a local carpenter to build it. Then, we designed the box graphics and worked with a local print vendor for the printing as well as the application of the vinyl.



Green and yellow Coroplast was used to cut down on cost, allowing us to save on time by not having to wrap the entire box with vinyl graphics. Also, Coroplast has a fluted look like cardboard. This allowed the design to accurately depict the toy packaging. The box was designed to be updatable —the panels were interchangeable and held on with Velcro, allowing it to be repurposed for further events.



Every hour, on the hour, Moodie gave away a toy Gator which matched the life-size Gator. To be eligible, attendee’s had to have their photo taken in the life-size Gator and fill out a photo release form, allowing us to share their photo on social media. Participants were then given instructions to ‘Like’ Moodie’s Facebook page before being redirected to the photo gallery where they could download, share or email the photos of themselves in the Gator display.



MAGIE attendees were invited to the booth every hour when another winner was announced. In order to win the toy, the winner had to be present. This ensured a large group of people would be gathered around Moodie’s booth every hour which, in turn, caused other people to come by to see what was going on. This led right into another hour of collecting entries and for the next giveaway.

After the drawing, flyers were handed out highlighting Moodie’s food drive efforts and essential part of their community involvement. The flyer doubled as a coupon, good for one John Deere hat, provided customers brought the flyer and a can of food into Moodie Implement. By the end of the show, approximately 2,000 flyers had been handed out —boosting Moodie’s community involvement and directing people to their store.



While at the Moodie booth, people could also register to win a John Deere BBQ. Moodie received over 1,000 registration slips for the BBQ which included information such as the registrant’s email address and what type of equipment they were interested in. The slips provided a great starting point for building an established email address list to send out email blasts on service specials, used equipment for sale and relevant farming and ranching news.



At the end of three days, 300 people had stopped by to get their photo taken in the life-size Gator toy box. These efforts increased Moodie’s Facebook ‘Likes’ by 150 percent, increased Facebook friends by 54.99 percent, increased people talking about their Facebook page by 4,233.33 percent and increased their Facebook weekly total reach by 2,348.65 percent.

All of Moodie’s goals and expectations were exceeded and their booth was by far the most talked about. People as far as 100 miles away traveled in to have their photo taken in the life-size toy box. The display was a raving success in helping our client, Moodie Implement to not only build traffic at the expo, but build a social media following as well. Additionally, the flyers containing a coupon for a free John Deere hat helped increase foot traffic in the store, all of which were objectives set by the client for this project.



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