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We develop digital assets for web and social media using original copywriting, photography, illustration and design elements.

Online digital advertising continues to become more relevant every day. Digital messages work like traditional print ads do, with compelling combinations of words and visuals, but add elements of interactivity. Digital ads are highly targeted and measurable, while allowing us to easily adjust placement strategy and creative elements if determined necessary.

Digital advertising lets us do more to advance your marketing position, at less expense than many traditional media options. Our team produces and places an increasing volume of digital components including mobile ads, web banners, social media elements, email campaigns and more.

Digital marketing can drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, increase engagement and conversions, build a following, and create a seamless overall user experience. We have decades of experience cultivating digital marketing campaigns, placing digital media, and producing effective retargeting campaigns for companies all around Montana and beyond.

Great Falls Montana Tourism_Vertical Banner Ad_Woman looking through binoculars at scenery
Great Falls Montana Tourism_Vertical Banner Ad_Woman Rock Climbing

Banik Communications creates banner ads, website assets, and social media ads for Great Falls Montana Tourism. Copywriting, photography, creative design, and more come into play when we build digital advertising campaigns that move the needle.

North Dakota Department of Human Services_Stop Overdose_Banner Ad
North Dakota Department of Human Services_Stop Overdose_Vertical Banner Ad

Strong digital marketing comes with a strong message. These banner ads for North Dakota Department of Human Services relied heavily on strong copywriting and clean graphic design.

North Dakota Department of Human Services_Motorcycle Campaign_Riding Hazard
North Dakota Department of Human Services_Motorcycle Campaign_Full Leather Jacket
North Dakota Department of Human Services_Motorcycle Campaign_Ride Sober

This campaign of social media ads utilizes humor to tackle a serious topic: motorcycle safety. With clever copywriting and visuals that appeal to the target audience, Banik was able to make an impact on the motorcycle community.

Montana State Library_Tall Banner Ad_Sarah Calhoun Owner of Red Ants Pants
Montana State Library_Tall Banner Ad_Tom Kohley Owner of Ranch Maps

Our digital campaign for Montana Libraries highlighted how the reliable and authoritative information provided by Montana librarians and geographic information professionals can help locals confidently pursue entrepreneurship.


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